August 9, 2019
7 to 9 PM
Geneseo Village Park

Bob Bunce's Rural Delivery

Miller and The Other Sinners - David Miller grew up mostly in the country, south of Buffalo, NY, in Allegany County. At a very young age he began singing in church, surrounded by gospel music, which has impacted his writing to this day. Growing up through the 70's and 80’s, he was exposed to all different styles of music, learning piano, sax and eventually, guitar. Blues, R&B and soul music always inspired him though he never embraced those forms until much later in life. He was composing from a very early age and was recording his own church albums at the age of 12.

"David Miller's music is earthy and soulful. A bluesy rock style, a rich voice and guitar, along with years of experience, it adds up to a musical pilgrimage that attracts attention and stimulates a crowd. People get interested, and that's golden!" - Holt Vaughn, Founder and CEO of the Award Winning group of media companies TheEastcoGroup.com

"Miller is one of the finest soul-based singers in our region, and throughout “Poisons Sipped,” he proves he’s also one of our most vibrant songwriters. Elements of gospel, R&B, electric blues and singer-songwriter leanings collide here to form a collection of elegant, stately and eminently grooving songs, delivered with consistent passion. This is incredibly spirited stuff, and it represents a new high-watermark for Buffalo-born recordings.” - Jeff Miers, Buffalo News