June 28, 2019
7 to 9 PM
Geneseo Village Park

Bob Bunce's Rural Delivery

Bob Bunce's Rural Delivery - While songs like "Giddy Up" carry a jug band sensibility of the 60's, Bunce isn't afraid to shove aside the gentle mandolins for some Alman Brothers southern blues guitar. It's a mission statement when Bunce sings, "Wide open spaces get wider each day." Bunce has a good woman. "She trims my beard and keeps my tractor clean."" "But times are otherwise tough in his rural landscape. We ate yesterdays lunch, a couple weeks ago," he moans. At least he has the distraction of characters prone to attention getting antics.

BOB BUNCE (singer songwriter) - You can call him Mr Matter-o-fact, Mr Tell-it-like it should be, or you could stick with just plain old Bob Bunce. This rootsy songwriter lives off the grid and plays off the grid. With a gentle honesty guitar style that threatens to break out of its pen, Bunce's music is as enticing as it is thought provoking. He's folksy without being too folky, and the man can rock too. Just dig his new platter, "Rural Delivery," and get the newa Jack.